About Capsule

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A CAPSULE wardrobe is a collection of high quality, versatile, and essential pieces that define your style and that you LOVE to wear. A capsule wardrobe varies from season to season; consists of 15-30 items; and can be tailored for work, travel, holiday wear, and more.

How to shop this site?

If you are looking for a stylist to help make shopping and getting dressed easier then CAPSULE is for you. CAPSULE contains items from hundreds of leading retailers and is curated by fashion stylist and style expert Naina Singla.

Here at CAPSULE you can shop Naina’s favorite capsule pieces along with the latest trends and must have sale items. The site is updated weekly and best of all Naina gives you style tips on each of the items she recommends.

Can I get my own personalized capsule wardrobe?

Absolutely! If you’re interested in having a stylist help you curate your personalized capsule wardrobe please send your request to